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What we do determines who we are

Active in distribution in Switzerland and Europe, we are the ideal partner to position and market your products to millions of customers represented by this market. Our motto, sport and well-being. From accessories to technical products, we take care to distribute in compliance with all the regulations of the different countries. We offer our customers only what we would accept ourselves, the best quality of products and services.



Facilitate the integration of innovative products and services on European markets.


Develop reliable relationships with our partners, based on mutual trust and respect for the work done.


Respect our interlocutors and offer them only the products and services adapted to their needs.


Create, import and market quality products.


Defend the interests of our customers and our partners by involving the entire supply chain in our efforts.


Collaborate seamlessly with our downstream and upstream partners.


Provide customers with services that meet market requirements, quickly and efficiently.

Our services

Differentiation occurs where needs emerge and are fully met. Services are the key to success.

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