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Active in distribution in Switzerland and Europe, we are the ideal partner to position and market your products to the millions of customers represented by this market. Our motto, sport and well-being. From accessories to technical products, we take care to distribute in compliance with all the regulations of the different countries. We offer our customers only what we would accept ourselves, the best quality of products and services.

professional unit

Professional training equipment with excellent service.

We offer tailor-made solutions in the field of health and physical activity. We strive to find the best innovations available and bring them to you, so you can enjoy the best that the fitness world has to offer.

We support you in the realization of your dream project, taking care to coordinate all the operations, choice of equipment, production of 2D and 3D plans, installation and maintenance. 

Our professional brands.

Our promises

A customer-oriented strategy

Our core capabilities go beyond bringing innovations and products to market. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions to our customers and offering the most responsive customer support service backed by a strong technical team.

A professional service of excellence

Our trained specialists will deliver, assemble and test your new equipment, so you can get the most out of your training from day one. They will also provide you with all the information you need to use your equipment correctly and in the best conditions.

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Unit Retail

High quality products and equipment with high quality service.

We are your ideal partner for positioning and marketing your products to the millions of consumers in this market. We are mainly active in the sports and fitness industry, while exploiting the new opportunities that arise in a constantly changing market. Our privileged contacts with our business partners and our vivacity, make our company a serious entry point to penetrate the market quickly and efficiently.

Our products are distributed in accordance with the respective warranties of our markets. We keep our commitments to our customers and offer them superior quality assured by quality control of the goods as well as by monitoring and respecting the strictest international standards.

Our brands

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The important thing is to never stop asking questions. Never lose a holy curiosity.

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