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Not just connected… it is interactive fitness

All fitness companies call themselves innovative. But what does that mean? At Freemotion, being innovative means challenging the way we train and redefining it. We do things not because everyone else does them, but because no one else does them. We know there's more to life than training, but training leads to a more adventurous life.

We offer solutions that change your mood, your mind and your fitness level. Freemotion equipment comes to life in small and large group workouts, creating new revenue streams. Innovation is being the first to do it - like when Freemotion introduced Functional Cable Strength Training, the Incline Trainer and the first road-simulating indoor bike.

Innovation is more than a name you give yourself, it's what gets you out of bed every day. That's why Freemotion is a division of iFIT Health & Fitness (formerly ICON Health & Fitness) - a global fitness and technology leader with more than 40 years of experience.

At Freemotion, we don't call ourselves innovators, we experience innovation every day.

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