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Discover the New Paradigm of Outdoor Fitness with Reaxing!

Imagine an outdoor fitness solution that transcends the boundaries of traditional training, offering an experience that's as rewarding for individuals as it is for hotels, leisure facilities or even local authorities. Welcome to the revolutionary world of outdoor fitness with Reaxing!

Redefining Outdoor Fitness

At the heart of our concept is our state-of-the-art outdoor fitness space, designed to inspire and guide fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're an individual looking for a refreshing environment for your daily routine, or an establishment wishing to offer its customers a unique experience, our solution is perfectly suited to your needs.

Accessories at your fingertips

The interior accessory storage area, a Reaxing innovation, ensures perfect organization of all the equipment you need for your workout. This ease of access to equipment is particularly attractive when it comes to saving time.

Ergonomic benches for optimum comfort

Our ergonomic workout benches are strategically positioned to optimize every exercise, whether for the fitness-conscious individual or the municipality seeking to promote a healthy lifestyle among its residents.

Innovative Training Structures

The training structures themselves become your training partners, offering versatility to suit a variety of needs, whether for group sessions in a leisure facility or individual sessions in a private garden.

Fusion of Modern Design and Exceptional Functionality

Inspired by clean lines and modern shapes, our design pushes back conventions to create a space that is both functional and visually captivating, a feature that will appeal to both private individuals and prestigious establishments.

Pushing Back the Limits of Traditional Fitness

In short, Reaxing's new outdoor fitness structure transcends the boundaries of traditional fitness, offering a flexible, modern solution for every need, from individuals to municipalities keen to promote the health and well-being of their communities.

Join the Reaxing Experience

Join us today to discover a totally new way of pushing your limits and sculpting the best version of yourself, whether you're an individual looking to improve your fitness or a facility wishing to offer a world-class fitness experience to its customers.


Come and see for yourself at our partner Hauser Design !

Address: Hauser design - Wolleraustrasse 31, 8807 Freienbach (SZ)

Contact us by e-mail for a guided tour of the outdoor solution.

Technical information

Experience Reaxing, where movement becomes a source of life and an outdoor fitness center becomes a valuable asset for everyone.



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